Week Wrap-Up

This was my first week of my 2017 12-Week Year.  Week 1 (and 2 to some degree) are about routine building and practice.  Overall, I am really happy about how the week has gone.  I havent done as much deliberate practice in the evenings, but I have been trying to recover from a two week cold/flu, so by the time I get to my computer in the evenings to continue with my trading, I have been too exhausted.  Coupled with this is the fact I have a lot of work to do at work due to it being a brand new year, and on Friday and Wednesday I got a little anxious about so I stopped early.  Will keep monitoring this, because it reduces the amount of time I can trade and therefore the effectiveness of each session…

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Focusing on the Good

I have traded Monday, Tuesday and Today.  I have only taken two trades.  The first was a loser, the second was today, a winner.  Price didnt move to my zones in time on Tuesday, and today as soon as I got a win I decided to head to the office due to heavy workload.  I have been suffering from sinus and flu problems since last week, but I have still been getting up at 4am regardless.  Across these three days, ignoring Mondays loss, my price reading is actually turning out be getting better and better.  Today was especially good.  I picked the key turning points, which is one of the goals of one of my deliberate practices.  I thought I would share a little here.

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Take care of your psychology

I have been a student of the markets long enough now to realize that the biggest hurdle to success is ones psychology.  Every exogenous signal into our brains stimulates a thought response which itself results in a feeling.  The doorway to our mind is our senses, and these need to be guarded carefully…

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Too Perfect?

I predicate this post with the following caveat – I appreciate I am showing levels post-trading, in hindsight; anyone can do that.  I have a lot more zones of different types on my charts, and to the untrained it makes no sense.  So I wrote a piece of code to remove the objects so I can then draw the pertinent pieces.  It results in a “perfect” chart almost, but the levels are legit; whats not shown is a bunch of other things I draw on the charts to help me anchor to the key price action.  Nonetheless…

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A Little Analysis

I didnt trade yesterday and had major issues in the market open at work that endured till 8pm CST.  I was exhausted and so didnt even switch the charts on to look properly at what had unfolded.  Today I have to get into the office to be ready for all of the changes we put out last night for trading today, so no trading for me.  I am however doing some analysis on the train, which I thought I would share.

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